About our experience.

This page was built to share our experience with building a Ryan Home. There won’t be much commentary as we feel the images speak for themselves.

This page is currently under construction and will include a listing of the current images. The initial images are a collection of the process since settlement in March 2017. Many of these issues still remain.

Many things have been repaired, many things have attempted to be repaired and made worse.

Roof (tar paper and shingles) was installed in the rain against the manufacturers specs/instructions and was ripped off and replaced prior to settlement. It was a major battle but in the end Ryan Homes did force the replacement.

Video Walk-Through
Ryan Homes Ravenna Walk-through

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HVAC system has been replaced due to being filled with drywall dust and paint overspray. This was made known to Ryan Homes prior to settlement and was an issue of poor air quality with children in the home as well. After many calls, emails, pictures, etc. they cleaned and replaced the system.

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Model: Ravenna
Location: New Freedom, PA
Community: Freedom Crossing